Phantom 2 Vision Camera MAC

I’m completely new to this, and really hoping someone can help.
I have a Phantom 2 Vision and I can’t bind the range extender to the camera.
I have tried via QR code printed on top of the camera, but it says it’s invalid. I’ve looked on tutorials and it says to manually enter the MAC code. I’ve made contact with the manufacturer to obtain the MAC address from the serial number, but they told me I cannot have the MAC address because they stopped giving support for this model last month.

Can anybody please help?

Thank you.


With the drone turned on and the Wi-Fi extender turned off, use a Wi-Fi network scanner to view nearby networks. Look for a network with a MAC code starting with 60:60:. That is the MAC code for your drone.

Do you have an iPhone? The AirPort Utility app is a Wi-Fi network scanner. Open the app and tap Wi-Fi Scan in the top right corner of the screen and then tap Scan. Tap Stop to freeze the scan.

Hey swrtwdrv.

Thank you so much for your advice. I’m now 1 step closer. I have android. I downloaded a WiFi scanner, and started a scan. The drone flashed up as a hidden network and then went away again. Too quick to see the details. So I turned my WiFi off then back on again. Scanned in the app, and it flashed up again. I took a screen shot and managed to catch it. (60:60:1f:00:5e:40)
Now, I input it manually but it doesn’t save.
I turn on the extender first, then attach it to my phone via the DJI app. Then turn on the camera, input the details, blue box with tick, wait for it to stop spinning, blue box with tick again… Nothing is saved.

Any ideas what I should try next?

Hi Jon 15951,

I am pretty new at this too with only about six months experience. My best guess it to try it a few more times. After binding the range extender to the camera, my Wi-Fi scanner shows both devices continuously:
Range Extender
SSID: Phantom_xxxxx
MAC: 60:60:1F:xx:xx:xx
SSID: hidden
MAC: 60:60:1F:yy:yy:yy

I have recently purchased a Phantom 2 vision also . I have had no luck getting a picture on my phone . Everything else works fine. Have you had any luck with your issue?

Does the Vision+ app just show a spinning loading animation?

If so that is because the WiFi module inside the drone has lost it’s program memory and needs to be re-flashed

I’ve just done this to both of my (cheap) eBay Phantom 2 Vision+ drones that I bought and the first one I have tested and now works perfectly with camera display coming through to the application

I can send links and pictures of how to do it if helps

Here’s the board with my test clips

Hey Alexander, I just purchased the same and the app has a spinning wheel and the camera doesn’t work. I’ve nearly exhausted all measured and found your post. Can you please help me figure this out? Thanks, Evie

It sounds like you need to reflash your WiFi module to get the camera feed part to work again or send it to someone to do so

To do that follow these instructions:

If your WiFi Repeater and P2V+ WiFi module become unbound, then follow these instructions