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Phamton 3 pro Crash

So after 5 years i had my first crash. I was wondering if someone could help explain my flight log I can figure out what happened.

This is my flight log

The left front lost propulsion. Either broken prop, lost prop or motor issue. This can be seen by pitch down, roll CCW and yawing CW at time 193 secs

If you want to know more we’ll need the the .DAT from the P3. Look here to see how to retrieve the .DAT

FLY196.DAT is the one you want.

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Wow, thank you so much for getting back to me and the info was great unfortunately I have not been able to pull more data from the p3 probably since it crashed into salt water and sank before I could get to it. but i’m still going to keep trying. :frowning: