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Phamton 3 4K Controller

Need help,

I have a Phamton 3 4k, and the controller seems messed up. Sometimes it will not power up.

I reset the battery, saw this on Youtube. For the fast charge/no charge. The LED lights cycle quite fast then go out. The unit will not power on or if I disconnect and reconnect the charger, nothing. If you open the controller up and disconnect the battery, reconnect. It seems to charge fine.

It was setting for a while(couple of months), I went to use it and it would not power up, and would not charge. I reset the battery connector and all was good. Used for about an hour, and powered it down. Next morning nothing when the power button was depressed. When I opened it up to reset the battery I noticed a green LED on the circuit board flashing. GPI012, and the wifi radio receiver cover, was warm. I checked battery level with a meter and it read 7.5+ volts I believe on both of the red/black wires.

I disconnect the battery connector and wait a few seconds and reconnect all seems to work again. If i power it off and on it restarts, the issue is if i leave it for like 8 hours overnight it is dead again in the am.

I looked on the internet and it all seems I am the only one with this issue, I am hoping for some guidance and help if anybody has anything to try.

I did check the firmware and it all seems like the latest. It is really sad, I expected a better performance from a Dji device.

Thinking of installing a reset switch in the battery wires, something hidden, and requires a pin to “reset” the battery connections these were not designed to take apart, each time you use it.