PGYTECH Top Camera Mount

I wish there was something like this available for the MP. Maybe one day … I hope so anyway.

Yeah, it’s kind of odd that PGYTECH doesn’t have a Mavic Pro version available too. There are definitely more Mavic Pro owners than Mavic 2 owners right now. Maybe they are thinking it’s more of a commercial application and more commercial operators will buy (or soon move to) the Mavic 2.

I have this mount and discovered issues with satellite reception.
It cut satellite count to half. .

Do you think it’s the mount itself that blocks the GPS reception or whatever is attached to the mount?

I think it’s a little bit of both. When I put the bracket on by it self it reduce the satellites.
Then I added the camera and a reduced it even more. It’s flyable but I preferred to have as many satellites as possible.

I bought one of these mounts and found the number of satellites did not change when the mount was attached. The GPS receiver is located toward the front of the aircraft, so I’m thinking attaching something that’s positioned beyond the front of the mount could partially/fully block the GPS receiver.

I’m not really sure but when I put the bracket on satellites drop instantly. I want to take it off They come back.
It’s still usable but a lack of all the satellites.

If you have it on you, give it another try when you’re out flying again. I’m curious to hear if you’re able to reproduce that issue.

I tried a camera and a strobe light with this mount and the location caused GPS issues. Will not use again.