P4P Obsidian sudden power loss

I lost my 3 month old P4P obsidian one week ago, it fell from a height of 20meters with no warning 44 seconds into the flight.
Unfortunately it fell into a resevoir and now lies in 40m of water and is unrecoverable.


This appears to be yet another P4 battery dislodge. Quite honestly this is the third one in the past few days. That said, this has been an issue for quite some time with P4’s. There really is no way to be 100% definative on the cause, but from the data, it indicates just that. On an added note, is there some specific reason you took off before the home point was updated? Also, your GPS signal appears quite weak. Irrelevant honestly to the incident.

Thanks for the reply, the flight started with a firmware up date, took about 2 or 3 mins, so i took off right after it was finished before the RTH point was recorded, not something i normally do.
Conditions were calm, dry and perfect for a flight, right from the off the drone started drifting which concerned me, i then got the weak signal notification before the drone recorded the home point over the water. Immediaty i decided to end the flight and bring it home to start again, i moved the throttle up to gain altitude and planned to come back towards me when suddenly it just dropped like a stone.
I can still hear the slap it made when it hit the water :sob::sob:

Dji have come back and offered a 30% discount off a new Drone, minus the controller abd charger, i have 4 weeks to redeem the offer and it cannot be used as credit or off another drone.
Guess what, the Obsidian is no longer in production :roll_eyes:
Dji checked the flight data and it is inconclusive, they say the drone was perfect until the data stopped, they have ruled out pilot error but they have said they cannot rule anything in or out as the data stopped.
It stopped right at the point it dropped like a stone.

That is what I see in the data as well. On a second note, as I have mentioned to others who have had the similar experience, it is of my own opinion, and opinion only, the reason DJI added the battery latch sensor to the P4 V2 series. Now if that is a “patch” or simply to eliminate user error cannot be determined but there are far too many similar incidents ( Again in my opinion ) for it to be a “patch”.

From what i have found over the past week or so its a more common problem than i expected.
Hence the latch fitted to the newer model. DJI will not budge on the 30% discount either.
Trying to see if i can get the thing rescued out of the water but i highly doubt its possible.

Just a question on the graph from the flight log, the red line drops suddenly at the end, is this significant or is that just due to the loss of signal, it seems to carry on after the other lines stopped for just a fraction of a second

Thanks for your help Fly Dawg

That was your elevator release, right at signal loss. At that point the aircraft would have pitched up to stop. That is most likely the spot of battery disconnect.

Sent the graph to DJI, they wont give any feed back on a third party analysis :laughing: or offer any feedback as to why the drone fell out of the sky, furthermore they have even stated that they are unaware that the drone even fell from the sky as they have no data to prove that, just “my story” that it happened. Funny f@#@ers
They wont comment on the battery disconnect issue and have stated they are unaware that this is a common fault, dug their heels in on the 30% discount on a replacement aircraft body but wont tell me what the cost is until i accept the offer and i have 2 weeks to accept the offer now.