P4P+ looses gps signal and switches to atti mode.

My p4p+ will switch from gps mode to atti mode on a clear sunny day with no obstuctions. It then will switch back to gps mode by itself, Antone else have this problem ?

Flight logs will most likely answer the question in some form. Upload your device log to the link below and someone will get back to you fairly quickly, if the logs have any information regarding the issue. Without seeing these it is just a wild guess. Off the top of my head, I am going out on a limb a guessing compass errors.
Instructions are on the link…Place a link back here to your upload if you wish other to assist you.



I just trywd the drone again and its the same. 2 Warnings

  1. gps position no match serveral times.
  2. weak gps signal aircraft in attitude mode and hovering may be unstable fly with caution


  1. GPS position no match generally speaking does not cause any issues.
  2. Weak GPS signal, can be an issue, if it happens on every flight.

When you lose GPS, the aircraft switches to ATTI mode ( Which you should practice flying in )
In this case, The GPS signal dropped out twice, and returned. This is why it switched back to P-GPS once the signal returned. I really can’t explain to you exactly what happened, you had plenty of altitude for good reception.
This may or may not be an issue with the Aircraft. You should try another location for similar results before pursuing anything further. Below you will see the GPS Dropouts.

Thank you. I talked to dji today via chat and they were not much help. This has happen at 2 different locations. Dji told me to reload firware and calibrate the imu and compass i have not yet. the firmware is current
i will try the imu and compass

Went thru troubleshooting with DJI and I had to send it in. Its still under warrenty. they didnt want me to go any further. I sent the controller in also. I guess its wait and se now

Has DJI ever told you how this was resolved or what to do if this ever happened again. I am trying to resolve the same issue with my P4Pro+ V.2 without having to send my drone back to DJI (China) as I am in the Philippines and there is no significant DJI technical assistance here (as far as I know). Thanks