P4P gimbal glitch

I bought the P4P+ from a friend, so I know it was never crashed. I even rolled back to factory specs, and even started the pro without turning on the controller. Mine initialises, then about 5 seconds later, the camera jerk up slightly and to the right. As it returns to center, the camera pitches down, and recovers slightly. The camera NEVER returns to level. Please please please DJI, tell us what to fix. I own a P4P, and Osmo and an Osmo mobile, and now this freaked out P4P+. This is not a good look for DJI at all. Here are 2 YouTube videos of what my phantom is doing.

I will fix it myself, if I knew what the issue was

Have you tried the gimbal calibration?

Yes. Gimbal calibration, IMU calibration, compass calibration, updated all firmware, then rolled back to see if that was the issue. No improvement at all, with anything I tried.

Sounds crazy and I don’t know why but I cleaned the lens on a P4A and it corrected the problem.

Miracles do happen!