P4P+ 'Create Movie AutoEdit' How to transfer?

I have my Phantom 4 Pro Plus Obsidian and now my Mavic Air.
How do I transfer ‘Create Movie AutoEdit’ created clips by the P4P+ controller to Whatsapp or directly to my phone or PC as I can do with my Mavic Air?
I don’t want to use FB or any of the other public media options offered by my P4P+ apps.
I’ve been onto forums and youtubes and I can get plenty of information for the P4P via attached phones/tablets. But, my P4P+ Obsidian with it’s beautiful bright fixed screen…WON’T let me transfer my created auto edited video clips from the controller to my phone or PC…
I’ve attempted to install Whatsapp to my P4P+, but DJI wont let me do it…
What am I doing wrong?