P4P Crash

P4P Crash, Reported that the drone shut down during flight.
Does the data support this or does it look like it hit something?

Can’t really tell from your plot. You could take a look at the accelerometer data (IMU_ATTI(0):accel:Composite) to see if it hit something.

You could also look at the motor voltage data to see if there was a voltage collapse at the very end.

motor voltage drops at the same time it falls,

Using the motor voltage for this situation requires looking at the last second at the highest sampling rate. Use DatCon to create a .csv at the highest sampling rate.
for last second

Then use CsvView to look at Motor:volts:RFront. Don’t use the average volt data as that will average out the data you want to see.

You could also provide the .DAT via a Dropbox link.

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Hi BudWalker, thanks for your reply,

Using the technique described in post #4 it can be seen that motorVolts drops from 15 volts to 7 volts in the last 110 msecs.

This is indicative of an abrupt power loss. Unfortunately, it can’t be determined if this was caused by either the battery departing the AC or a battery failure.

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much appreciated, thank you

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