P4A screws

Hi, can anyone tell me the correct name/size for the tiny philips screws which secure the gimbal motors?

I bought a new yaw motor but it didn’t come with screws. The original yaw motor screws are different from the other two (pitch, roll) but the new motor needs the same screws as the others …?

Confused? Sorry but I don’t know how else to describe these bloody screws that I can’t even look up online but are driving me crazy and holding up the repair.

I know I can order a full pack but they’re usually for the 4 or the 4 pro (I know they are probably the same) but they take weeks to get here from China

Any help would be much appreciated - Cheers!

Are you saying the new yaw motor doesn’t use the same screws as the old yaw motor?

I don’t know the size of those screws, but it’s likely one from this Phantom 4 screw replacement pack (part 33):

If you cannot find this screw pack in Canada, you should be able to find someone in the US who will ship it to you.

Thank you - yes, the original screws for the yaw motor are different from the other 2 gimbal motors (but the same as the original pitch & roll motors … ) It’s all a bit strange.

I’ve ordered a set of P4 screws in the hope that there’s at least 3 of the correct size somewhere in there …

Thanks or your response…

Having looked closer at the image there I’d say it’s almost definitely the M2.0*2.8

Thanks again for your input. I’m near the border so I have a mailbox service in Niagara Falls, NY

Cheers again

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