P4 with p4p+ remote

I bought a phantom4p+ remote for my p4 standard. Its working perfect but the only problem is that i can’t use C1 or C2 for my camera to bring it quick down or forwards…
How to solve this?
Rgds Tko

I have this problem too. The C1/C2 buttons are only able to control functions within DJI GO. As far as I know, there is no way to fix it as of right now.

Thanks. I hope that DJI can solve this problem via an software upgrade.

I have discovered the same issue when I try to use my P4P controller with my P4. I would like to see this fixed too, but it isn’t a major issue at the moment for me.


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I send 2 days ago a message to DJI about this problem. I also find out
That the gesture mode is the same as following mode.
As soon as i hear from DJI i let it know.

DJI wrote me to send the tx to a servicestation in The Netherlands, do i did.
Today they wrote me to repair the tx without costs, so i’m happy😁