P4 Unstable when flying against the wind.

I still have this problem for over 2 years, when flying against the wind the P4 is unstable, up and down movements. Everything is on the latest version, everything is calibrated correct. If obstacle avoidance is enable or disable or in P,S or Atti mode it is still is the same.
The Drone flies perfect with the wind and hovers stable. Is there anybody with the same issue or know how to fix this.

What exactly doesn’t seem to be working as expected?

Do you have any flight logs that show these problems?

A very vague description my friend. What kind of wind speed are we talking about here? Among other questions.

Hello Mike, when I fly with the wind is flies steady with no up and down movements, at a constant altitude, but against the wind it moves up and down, changes altitude. When I fly again I will send the flight logs.

Sounds good.

If it happens again, come to a complete stop, hover, and see if the Phantom ascends/descends back to the expected altitude.

It can only be a slight breeze or almost no wind. It is if the motors struggle to compensate against the wind. The logs will show something a guess.

Is this directional dependent? What I mean by that is if you fly in to the wind ( Aircraft facing away from you ), is there any difference if you fly in to the wind with the aircraft facing towards you? It should make no difference. If it does, that is something different entirely.

Hello Fly, There is no difference, it can be in any direction. What I test is, I set the Drone in Atti mode to see from which direction the breeze is coming from and the direction the Drone drifts and then the unstable movements is noticeable against the wind but not with the wind. In all modes it is doing this. If I fly slowly, about 10 -15 km/h it is stable, but if I gain speed over about 20 km/h it starts to fly unstable.
Even if there is almost no wind and the Drone Drifts very slowly in Atti mode, it flies with up and down movements, unstable against the wind. If the wind is just a bit strong, not much about 15 - 20km/h it gets worse.

Thanks for your interest.

It would be nice to see a log file with the issue as mentioned previously. Are you flying at low altitude? Say 10 meters or less? This could also be a function of the VPS if you are that low. It is normal for the drone to drift in ATTI mode, this is why I mentioned it could be the VPS. Being that close to the ground. Over all this is something I have not seen nor heard of from your description so it is difficult to discern what the issue may be.

Here is the Log. If it comes to a complete stop the Drone stays on the expected altitude.

I can fly above 10m so that the VPS is not working and under 10m, it is the same.


I don’t see anything unusual in the flight log you posted. A small altitude change is not unusual when flying at full stick (even more so in windy conditions).

The altitude was still off 2-3 feet even when you were flying with the wind (like at 2m 19s). If maintaining a specific altitude is critical, then you should fly as slowly as possible during those parts of your flight.

Just to clarify msinger’s response, by full throttle I am certain he meant full forward elevator as there was no throttle used during the slight altitude jumps. 2 meters seems a little excessive to me, but it is not that much out of the ordinary, considering wind speed and forward motion. You can see the altitude “bounce”, I will call it in the chart below in reference to your stick inputs. I really think this is a non-issue.

Right – full “stick” is what I meant to write.

Thanks Mike for your time and input. I will post a video for more proof and clarification. My P4 v2.0 does not do that what I experience with the P4.

Hi Fly, thanks for your time and input. Appreciate it. See the post to Mike, I will post a video.

Are you saying you have a P4P V2 flight log from the same day showing no change in altitude after performing the same test?

FWIW, I did a test with my M2P yesterday while the wind was calm (on the ground). The altitude varied by 1-2 feet while flying at full stick in sport mode. I’ll have to wait for a windy day to see if that makes a difference.

No I do not have the flight logs from the P4 v2. I will show in the video what the Drone does. Thanks.