P4 - Purpose of clear plastic inserts outboard of motors

I recently removed the small clear plastic insets that are at the ends of the P4, just beyond the motors, to install prop guards (see photo).
I am wondering what purpose, if any, these inserts serve. If I were to lose one, does it need to replaced (hard to find replacements probably)?

I do not own nor have I ever seen a P4 in person, but your posting interested me. From your photo, are you sure the plastic insert should be inserted from the top, next to the motors. Perhaps they are a form of a “lens” that should be inserted from the bottom to direct the LED light out horizontally. The LEDs in the photos that I Googled appear to direct their light downward, great if the drone is overhead. But if the drone is out a ways, there is very little direct view of the LED. Maybe this is DJI’s attempt to make the P4 more visible from a distance.

I’ve included three cropped photos that I googled up. They all appear to show the plastic installed from the bottom… I had also Googled up your Phantom P4 User’s manual and found nothing showing the plastic inserts.

Good luck and may the Force of Fellow P4 Flyers be with you…