P4 Pro V2 Crash

My P4 V2 crashed and I am trying to understand why.

From watching it fall, it appeared that the rear motor stopped.
Logs below dont support that view, but thats how it looked. All propellers were attached and undamaged. Drone flys and was not damaged.

Any ideas, as to what happened

Air data 00m 38s 19.7 ft 96 ft Warning [Not Enough Force/ESC Error (repeated 8 times)]

This one is kinda unusual. It appears there was a right back propulsion issue. The P4PV2 started by pitching up, rolling CW and then rotated CW - all consistent with a right back loss of propulsion.

The motor data shows that the right back was commanded 100% but the speed was mostly very close to 0 with occasional bursts to very fast. I’d guess the right back motor was intermittently obstructed.

Thank you, your graphs look great. Rback speed low with higher current would suggest obstruction. the drone did not suffer much damage. The drone landed on the right rear corner but motor and prop appear undamaged. it still flys, would the data suggest bird strike ? i did not see one

I would suggest not. There is nothing unusual in the accelerometer data to indicate that.

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I was just getting ready to say that.:grinning:

But, at first I was thinking it was a bird strike because I saw this in the eventLog stream
40.088 : 3038 [L-FDI][CTRL]: fault on , impact_in_air

I had seen this in an incident with my M2 which had almost certainly been a bird strike.

Here, the cause of that message was due to the impact with ground while it had not been determined that that the P4PV2 was near the ground.

Another side note. It’s apparent that the P4PV2 tumbled. This makes it difficult to see the CW rotations just looking at the attitude data. Typically the P3 won’t tumble, it just rotates about the Z axis and pancakes into the ground. To see that this one rotated about the Z axis while tumbling we can look at totalGyro:Z (blue) which is gyroZ integrated. This shows a 1°/sec CW rotation about the Z axis. Also seen are rotations about the other two axes.