P4 Pro falls from the sky

My P4 Pro fell from the sky without any known interference. The flight log stopped recording at 190 ft. AGL. I presume it was a battery failure. Is there a straight forward way to determine that from the flight record?

Does your Phantom still power on? If so, you can retrieve the DAT flight log from your Phantom like this. You can use DatCon to view the data in the DAT flight log. That flight log will contain more data than any other logs.

If you’d like other people here to review your flight log, then upload the DAT file to a file sharing site (like Dropbox) and post the download link here.

Likely yet another case of a P4 battery dislodge, and/or disconnect. This is far too prevalent with the P4’s and has been noted on numerous occasions. But yes, you can be fairly certain of the issue from the .dat files as msinger mentioned. If it were a battery cell issue, you would see indications of that in the device logs, but you need the .dat to determine a disconnect.