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P4 batteries, real?

Seems like P4 batteries are now going upwards of $199. I just want your opinion on if these are real. In the photos of the battery you can clearly see “phatom 4”

I have a ebay battery but it is in the same group of “hard to lock in drone” kinda worried about it disconnecting mid flight

Hard to tell. Could be a generic picture and you get something else.
Ad reads “replacement” and doesn’t say made by DJI.
Call them and ask, and write down a name of who you talk to and when.

Kinda hard to justify the $199 for one battery when used P4A are going for less then 1000. Maybe fix this one 100% and sell it off and pickup the “new gen” dji.

that seems about right

With DJI dropping the phantom line, accessories are going up due to limited supply

The batteries appear to be OEM DJI batteries. However, the price seems a little too good to be true. If you’re seriously considering purchasing from this source, then you might want to email them to confirm what they are selling.

To: Info FactoryOutletstore <[]
Subject: Replacement Battery For: DJI Phantom 4

Are these “real?” The picture shows an OEM battery

|to me

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you! We’re reaching out to kindly inform you that we do not carry the item that you are looking for.We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

** What? That question was to them about “their” website???**

That’s an interesting response.