P4-ADV Motor Size / Sourcing

Okay I was replacing my shell and somehow tightened all the screws into the coils on the motors. This small repair now has to include 4 new motors. DOH

I see motors for p2+3 and even for P4 but I thought the motors were upgraded in the P4

What I can find is the 2312 motors. Is this right and is there a good source for these? I found them from on ebay from China for $13 and on Amazon $72 ??? I just want a reliable part

I checked the DJI store but could not find any motors on there


You need 2312S motors (2 of each). You can find them here on Amazon:

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Thanks Mike, So more then the P4 uses the 2312 motors?

I would put a “bigger” motor on but dont think the DJI ESD can be “upgraded”

All Phantom 4 models use 2312S motors.

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US $36.95 for all four.

Wow, I ended up spending a bit over $100

Have you purchased those? I’m not sure they are OEM DJI parts since they are from China and the description states they “can perfectly work for DJI Phantom 4 /4Pro //4Pro+”. Quotes like that often mean the part is manufactured by a 3rd party.

I did, two of them came in what look like OEM packaging the other ones look like bulk package parts. I installed them and they’re working okay but I don’t know if they’re OEM nor do I know how to test if they’re OEM.

“Since they are from China” I thought all DJI stuff was from China. It says ‘Original 2312S Brushless Motor’ The feedback was positive for these motors. I personally would try them given the huge difference in price. I don’t know if there are specific markings on the old motors that you could compare with these. Sometimes that will be the giveaway. DJI has different suppliers for various components that go into these drones. Maybe even more than one supplier for the same part.

I did look at the old motors for clues as well as the weight of them <1Gram and even the wires coming off were the same length

Great Joe, I wish you many happy flying days.

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For you DIY people https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/DJI+Phantom+4+Advanced+Motor+Replacement/114409
To tough for my fumble bumble fingers. I’ll have to sent mine in for any repairs.

It’s not bad at all… Compared to the Spark. There are some small parts cramped in that one

Yep, DJI parts are made in China. However, you forgot the second part of my comment above :wink:

My point was that there are many people selling parts that are “compatible with DJI drones”. When in the market for OEM DJI parts, it’s usually best to buy from DJI dealers or people who state the parts are OEM DJI parts.