P3S - no video feed. could it be the Amberalla board Nand that needs a reflash? how do it?

Hi all,

I just bought a second hand P3S and have the following issues:

  • firmware update required cannot be performed as says no SD found
  • camera controls in the app (DJI go) are grayed.
  • the app does not show any video feed.


  • the drone can fly fine.
  • no issues with connecting remote or wifi
  • SD SanDisk extreme 32GB properly formatted FAT32
  • the gimbal seems fine, does the dance at startup and goes up and down with the remote scroll

I understand it could be a nand memory that may need to be reflashed. There is a tutorial in the web however is for the Pro version.

Anybody knows how to do it for the standard and if this is what has to do to fix the issues I have?


Is there any lights on the camera to indicate that it has power

there is a green flashing light on the small hole in the main board attached to the drone belly. cannot see a light in the camera itself

I powered on without cover and the board has a green light on