P3S Home Point

I check ALL my settings prior to each flight to ensure I am satisfied with the correct parameters in the DJI Software. Lately, however after attempting to set the Home Point, I get a warning message, “Home Point Not Recorded”. Several attempts to set the Home Point reveals the same warning message. Any ideas how to successfully Record The Home Point before taking to the air with my DJI P3S? Thanks.

Are you attempting to set the home point to your current location or the Phantom’s current location?

You do not set the home point prior to takeoff. The Aircraft does that. Are you taking off before the home point has been set? Or are you attempting to change the home point manually after takeoff? That can be done manually, but it is a home point reset. You weren’t very specific in what you were attempting to convey.

Trying set the Home Point for The P3S

Which of these two icons are you using to reset the home point?

In the Home Point Settings Option, I am selecting the icon on the left, thinking this option sets the home Point for the P3S. After selecting ok, I get the screen message “Warning Home Point Not Set”. I also selected the icon on the right, thinking this option sets the Home Point for My Location when positioned right next to the aircraft. Selecting ok again, I get the same warranty message as above. I am selecting these options before taking off. What am I not understanding? Thanks.

I will attempt to answer your reply to my difficulties in understanding the Home Point Settings.
You indicated I do not set the Home Point before take off, the aircraft does that: How?
My understanding of the DJI GO Software, there are options to select for the Home Point Settings. I understand the Home Point can be reset after takeoff. I am trying to ensure the correct Home Point Setting selection has been set prior to takeoff, so if the RTH option is initiated the UAV will return to my Home Point setting selected in the DJI GO software. What am I not understanding, and please try and clarify why the software has Home Point Settings if one opts to set the point prior to take off . Thanks


I don’t know if that feature works when the Phantom is not in flight. I’ve honestly never attempted it. Try it after taking off and you should find that it works.

As long as the Phantom is connected to enough GPS satellites, the home point will be auto set when the motors are started. You can confirm that by looking for the “H” symbol on the map in DJI GO. Assuming that’s occurring, there is no reason to attempt to manually set the home point before taking off.

Got it Mike…thanks for your time & patience!


Those icons you are showing are for when you are in the air.

One sets the location based on where the controller is. This is very useful if lets say you are flying over water while you are on a boat. In an ermgency go home will go back to where you took off and land in the water. NOTE this option requires GPS on your phone or tablet controlling the drone. There is a big controversy running around DJI forums where this doesn’t work well

The other one sets based on where the drone is. Same situation as above over water, but the icon to follow remote doesn’t;t work Every so often you could hit that button to set location where the drone is.

Never tried it on the ground. Guess it could work

If you are trying to launch and Go app says it can’t get a home point, there is something else going on I would say. Does this happen every time or once and a while? If it continuously happens I would say a HW issue with the drone and perhaps have it looked at.

Just my $.02