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P3P will not connect to camera or calibrate the compass

P3P will not connect or even recognize the camera. Ive read every help topic on this and seems theres been a problem like this since the last update. Is there anyway to flash it back to previous data? Also i cannot calibrate the aircraft.
When flown LOS it responds well. But will not hold its position nor altitude.
I repair car audio amplifiers so i have some knowledge of electrical applications and the ability to conduct repairs.
Will someone please point me in the right direction?
According to Dji i have a compatible cell phone for video.
Thanks in advance…

Take that with a huge grain of salt, so to speak. Updates on the P3 series require more processor speed and RAM, depending on your device for that update. This is just my own opinion, however I have been flying a P3A for 4 years and have never done a firmware update on the aircraft. There are many posts on the latest firmware which is old at this point and have issues. ( Knock on wood ), I have never had an issue whatsoever even with app updates. There are options available, depending on the firmware version you have.

Is it possible to flash back to a previous firmware?

I do not think you can as best I recall if you are above 1.9 . I might be mistaken but think that’s correct.