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P3A won't Follow Me.

Yesterday I practised POI’s and Follow me in a large field and all was well. Today however it just won’t Follow Me. POI no problem!

When I try Follow Me I get a message:
Failed to enter Follow Me mode.
Mission Conflict

When I confirm it says switch back to “P” and try again.

Once, when attempting Follow Me the drone suddenly shot away from me and only a quick flick of the switch from “F” to “P” and a rapid climb saved the day!

Why would it work one day and the not the next. The only difference was I was in the middle of a different field!

Any help would be appreciated.

Did you check the flight log to see if anything useful was logged?

Here’s the flight log -

You can see all the Follow Me attempts. I can’t see anything obvious???

Your flight log shows the app GPS accuracy was a 3/5 for most of that flight. Maybe try another mobile device to see if you can get a more accurate GPS location?

Indeed, I’ll try it using my mobile but rather small screen!!

Issue solved, gone over to Litchi :grin::grin: