P3A - After Firmware Upgrade, now working?

I have a relatively new P3A that I haven’t flown in several months. This morning I started it up with no problems, but noted that on the DJI GO app screen it stated that my firmware for both the remote and drone needed to be updated (makes sense as I haven’t flown in a while). I did the RC update 1.9.2 through the DJI GO app (simple enough), and then downloaded the drone firmware update 1.11.20 and installed on drone (with no problems). When I re-started the RC and drone after these 2 firmware updates, I get the following: Camera does not work (can’t see on DJI GO app); rear blinking yellow lights with constant red lights on front of drone; DJI GO app says in red at top of screen, “Remote Controller Signal Weak”. Appreciate any help whatsoever as I’m definitely a newbie at this. Thanks so much! -matt c.

I want to known it is really nesc. to upgrade?? I has bought also a second hands drone P3A, when the drone works fine, I think not needed an upgrade.

After upgrade I read the owners has problems with this.