P3 Professional Pro Tx Constant Beeping

Latest firmware on tx ac. Tx beeps constantly powered up, aircraft powered or not, . Will not connect to ac(tx light stays red, no camera). Moving the sticks does not cancel beeps.
Cant try to calibrate tx due to lack of connection to ac if thats the issue. Unit on shelf for several months. Worked before.
Appreciate any input.

What happened between now and the last time all worked as expected? For example, did you upgrade the firmware, drop your remote controller, damage it in some other way, etc.

If all you did was store your remote controller, then try charging it. Does it charge properly?

Upgraded firmware and test flew it successfully. Then it sat on a shelf for several months. No drops etc as far as I know and owner claims. New tablet, Galaxy S3 which flew it on test flight after firmware update. NO problems then.Hmm. Tx shows 2.5 lights, but didn’t try charging the tx. The P3 is not mine and belongs to guy I helped setup and then got me interested and broke buying drones. LOL. I’'ll have him try charging the tx.