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OTG Cable? {updated and solved!}

Today I lost my OTG Cable by accident. Where can I find one with a Right USB to fit into my android phone and then a straight 90 micro USB that will fit into my RC control?
I’m confused on it. In turn I run a samsung7 with my drone and RC.

wander in to your local electronics hobby shop. They should have a cable or necessary bits.

I thank both for your input. Today I am going to contact DroneNerds where I bought the package for my drone. As for a hobby shop there is not one unless you go 75 miles. I live 50 mile from everywhere is my moto. I will keep you informed.

Best Regards Friend.

I did find a cable on

OTG cable Android
Correct lenght, works alot better than the WiFi connection for it was always weak no matter how close the phone is to transmitter.
Only issue I found with cable is the “USB” end has to be plugged into the android phone. If it is reversed it will not work.

That cable was really meant for a Mavic remote controller. If that cable is not long enough for you, this one would work well: