OPPO R15 (2018)

Let’s discuss using the OPPO R15 with DJI GO. Share tips, the best device settings, accessories used with this device, and troubleshoot problems.

Here are some tips/settings that’ll help DJI GO perform better on your OPPO R15:

Having trouble getting the remote to connect to my phone. It’s cycling connect and disconnect every 2 seconds. Any advice?

Did your phone ever connect to the remote controller properly? Did you try using a different cable?

Try connecting your phone to both the Micro USB port on the left side of the Mavic Pro remote controller and the USB port on the bottom of the remote controller (to see if both ports do the same thing).

Yes I have tried both ports and different cables my partner’s Samsung works perfectly with the RC. when I’m lucky enough to get the RC to connect to the Oppo phone it works perfectly as well. It seemed as if the RC is trying to connect to the phone but doesn’t know what it needs to be connected as ((if you watch the setting it cycles charging and ptp) if you change it to midi in settings it doesn’t help either and won’t stay connected as such) I have also tried USB debugging but there is no settings that seem to help.