Oneplus 6T

I’ve been looking into buying a Mavic Air 2, currently I’m using a Oneplus 6T as my phone, but I haven’t seen any videos nor posts on anyone running the two together, so i thought the best place to ask is on this forum.

Does this combo work together? I’ve heard that the DJI Fly app doesn’t work very well on android devices and I want to make sure that I have the best experience flying.

Thanks in advance!

I use several Android devices; not a single error etc.

Btw 6T is on the DJI recommended devices list.


So far its working fine on my Galaxy Note 9 Android 10. I also use iOS on an old iPhone 6s Plus, the app is one version ahead of Android, but it works just fine too. Overall I think the Fly App is more forgiving than the old Go4 app in terms of devices in general. Welcome to the forum and fly safe! You wont regret choosing a Mavic Air 2.