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One rotor not working

Hi, I am totally new to drone flying. Today just wasn’t my day! I drove 15 miles to a park to fly my Phantom 3 Standard for the first time, got there and the place was closed. Found another place a few miles further, calibrated the compass, and then tried to fly it, but couldn’t. One of the rotors had stopped working. The only thing I have done was mount rotor guards on. Does anyone have any suggestions please?

Thank you and Merry Xmas!

If it were me I’d want to know whether installation of the rotor guard was causing the problem. Can you uninstall just that one and try running up the motors?

Yes, it was an issue with the rotor guard I put on. On the first one I did I used the wrong size screw. The guards came with two different length and I used the longest one which damaged the motor. I have since replaced that motor with a new on and made sure to use the shorter screw set when reinstalling the guards. All is working fine now.

Thank you for your reply!