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Oh no wrong phone, wrong drone?

I just upgraded my S5 phone to an S21 Ultra two weeks ago, with the idea of getting ready for a drone. Last night I finally got the drone, an Air 2 used only 16 minutes and with the balance of DJI Care left on it.

Today I am gutted - the manual says to download DJI Fly, but the Play store only has DJI Go 4, or DJI Pilot for my phone. Does this mean my phone and my drone are incompatible?

Logging in to the DJI Fly app was impossible on the phone because the virtual keyboard is on top of the text entry fields, and can’t be dragged. I did register on a PC, then opened the app on my phone (but still typing into a field that was underneath the virtual keyboard). Very disappointing experience.

Anyway, did open both apps today, but now uncertain about whether they can be used the Air 2?

Might be the shortest drone ownership experience ever?

You have to download the DJI Fly app directly from DJI’s site here =>

Ignore the 1.4.2 version listed, the latest version 1.4.8 should download. Fly app hasn’t been available on the Play store for some time. DJI isn’t the only the company to experience issues with the Play store, so they’ve listed their app directly from their own website.

As for the S21 Ultra, I can’t be certain for full compatibility but the regular S21 is listed as compatible.

Thank you RobZilla, I did use the chat support feature sometime after posting and they also advised me to download the APK file. The DJI Fly app seems to be working OK on my S21 Ultra, although they cautioned me it is still in development.