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Not Enough Force/ESC Error (repeated 15 times)

My MPP crashed this mornig, please advice

This looks like a lost prop.( Left Rear ) Either you clipped something, or there was an ESC issue of some sort. The former more likely. You pitched up, then rolled hard left and went to the ground.


@mohdnooradnin, it looks like you were flying with OEM DJI props on the rear and 3rd party props on the front. Where was the other red prop when you found your Mavic?

Wondering the same about the other prop. From the image, unless things were moved before the photo was taken ( which is likely ) , the left rear is the only one that is mangled and the motor completely separated. If that was where the motor (and prop) were, that would suggest a very strong impact prior to the crash itself. Really hard to say for sure. Just have to see what the OP says.

According to my wife, when it about to land it sounds like an explosion and the other props blade were throw away about 10m from the crash site. Yes the red prop is 3rd party

That would explain the motor, prop and left gear separation from the AC. Obviously from that explanation you hit something it would appear.

You definitely don’t want to fly with a mixed set of props. Choose one and use the same props all the way around. I don’t know that this had anything to do with your issue, but you definitely want to eliminate any possible crash causes before taking off.

Please upload your DAT flight log to and post a link back here. It’ll contain additional details that might explain happened. If needed, you can find instructions for retrieving the DAT file here.

@mohdnooradnin, that’s the same TXT flight log you posted above. Do you have the DAT flight log?

I had the same issue, out of nowhere Not Enough Force/ESC Error was repeated 52 times and the Mavic pro just fell out of the sky. I don’t understand the log and I don’t know what happened or how it happened. Can anyone help?