Northern Ireland Calling ...

Hi all from Northern Ireland, UK. I look forward to reading through all the posts. I have 2 DJI Drones, my faithful Phantom 3 standard and my Mavic Pro. I’ve being flying for a while including RC aircraft. I stick to the rules, I don’t take chances, safety first always and I stay away from ‘forum Politics’. Every day is a school day … I love to learn and love to help if I can.

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Welcome to the forum! We’re happy to have you here :slight_smile:

In short, you’re the sort of person us ‘Newbies’ need! Thank you! I particularly like the fact that you stay away from ‘forum politics’ because I think it is possible to watch too many YouTube vids and then wonder why you’ve purchased a drone? I think that SOME of these self appointed ‘experts’ need to realise the seeds of doubt that they are sewing? Anyway, I shall be picking your brains on any matters that I encounter and can’t resolve. Good to know that you’re there!

Any time mate :+1:

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