Non OEM Batteries

Can anyone recommend a battery for Phantom 3 Standard which is made by other party, at much lower price , and it will work?

There are a few brands of 3rd party batteries available for the Phantom 3. Powerextra batteries are one of the most commonly used brands that I see people using. They also have had consistently good reviews over the past couple of years. You can check out some recent reviews here on Amazon.


Here are some reasons you might not want to use 3rd party batteries:

  • If your Phantom is less than a year old, it’s still covered under the DJI warranty. If you damage your Phantom while using a 3rd party battery and the battery could have caused the problem, DJI will likely not repair your Phantom for free under warranty.

  • If you have a DJI Care plan, it might not be honored if you damage your Phantom while using a 3rd party battery. The DJI Care Terms of Service mentions coverage will only be offered if damage occurs “accidentally under normal use” (which likely doesn’t include using 3rd party batteries).

There are still some places to purchase OEM DJI Phantom 3 batteries at a good price. For example, you can currently buy them here on Amazon from Camrise (an authorized DJI dealer) for only $23 more than the Powerextra battery linked above.

I had someone give me what he thought was a DJI battery for my standard and it gave me an error notice and didn’t work.
Stick with OEM no matter how good the deal looks

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Any idea which brand you were using?

No, It actually came in an authentic looking dji box but the button and lights looked different.
I have sold the P3S and included the battery and notified buyer that it didn’t work

Thank you for the info. I ordered 1 Powerextra battery from for 66US$.

Something bizarre:
Powerextra does not deliver to Canada, and since I live in Canada, I ordered the battery from, with delivery to my company warehouse in Port Huron MI.
Why didn’t I use
Here is why:
US$ 66 will cost me CD$ 87.
Yet when I tried to order the battery thru with delivery still to Port Huron, the price was shown as CD$ 105. A difference of 18$. For what?