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No video transmission to my Android tablet or iPhone 8 after firmware update, on my Ph 4.

I just purchased a used Phantom 4 that has been sitting over a year , the battery is toast I guess as it will not take a charge,? The problem I am concerned about however is that when I used one of my other batteries and got the drone ready it required a firmware upgrade. I performed the upgrade as per instructions and all seemed well linking the controller to the drone etc , but have no video shown on my tablet or phone. The drone will start and flies fine with both video and still photos recording to the SD card and the gimbal seems to be functioning normally. I have checked a few other sites and YouTube and this seems to be a common problem. I tried R n R the DJI GO App from DJI Assistant 2, but as some others have said all goes well with the upgrade until the upgrade gets to 99% which it stays at for a while and likely then gets timed out? it basically says my internet has been interrupted or the likes, but I have decent internet that is stable. Others have said if you restart the controller it finishes the download no problem? none of these things have helped so I have a useless drone at the moment .I also have a Phantom 4 Advanced now for a couple of years so not a total Newbie to the fact that the DJI 4 go app has been problematic . I am hoping that someone on here can help me fix it as it seems to be a software glitch rather then a hardware problem in my opinion. Please help Thanks.

Updates are not mandatory. Research.

Thanks for the reply Starz ; Yes I have been researching but so far dead ends, I have heard of downgrading back to the previous version of the App but again dead end I am the kind of person that needs step by step explanation or the likes and I find many on You tube / etc talk as if you are a tech expert already and its gets confusing , I get by but when things do not work its aggravating , I have had this drone for a couple of months now and would really like to use it or I will have to sell or part it out .I live in rural Ontario Canada and there are not a lot of repair shops , help or knowledgeable operators near that I can go too hence my trying my luck on here. Thanks.

Try a different cable from the controller to whatever screen device you are using.