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No response from throttle stick

My throttle does not respond. The drone has red lights solid in front and slow flash green in rear. Controller has green light. I phone will activate one time take off for a brief time. No response from controller throttle.
Camera works

Hmmmm…Say that again in a more precise and clear manner. Also provide what aircraft and what device…to start with.

It’s a phantom 3 standard
i phone 10
I power up controller and aircraft
Aircraft gives correct lights , red solid in front, slow blink green in rear.
Controller lights all green
Throttle up and nothing happens.
Gimble camera control works.
Bring up i phone DJI go and camera is on screen. 9 satellites. I swipe the ready to fly and the motors run for about 3 seconds then shut down.

Did you perform a CSC prior to this step?

What is CSC?

Fly dawg
Thanks you so much!
I never had to do the CSC before.
I spent hrs yesterday trying to figure it out!
You are wonderful!
We are of course looking for something to do and I hadn’t used the drone for a couple of years.
I will now put on the props and see what happens.

Great ! Back in business!
Thanks to Fly dawg

I need help fixing my P3 standard, i bought it a few years ago and upgraded it with a range extender. I noticed the range extender didn’t help and I kept getting the error “strong interference detected” everywhere I tried to fly it. So I put it away cause I was frustrated. Now I want to use it again but the controller dies really quickly, and the drone can’t go more than 500ft without saying “error lost connection returning to home”. I have no idea what to do. Please help

Just a few thoughts:

  • Your range extender might not be installed properly
  • Your range extender could be faulty
  • Perhaps you damaged something when installing your range extender

If you need more help, you should start a new thread.