"No M Mode: UAV too High/Far


I have a RC3 controller, and whenever I fly my avata 2 in manual mode, if i go above 80 meters, it freezes mid air and comes up with the warning said in the title, im not sure why it does it because just a few days prior to this, i took it up 400m without and issue in the exact same spot. Is anyone else experiencing this issue as i have no idea how to fix it

Was it in manual mode when you flew it to 400 m?

Yeah I definitely wasn’t in normal or sport because I got to that height in a bout 7 or 8 seconds, which those modes definitely could not do. Does the drone automatically update their no flight zones, because I did read that the Air Force would be doing some exercises over our area for a bit, but I didn’t know that the drone would be able to sync up that information

My Avata has a height limitation in M mode. 80 meters sounds about right. I’m assuming my Avata 2 will also have the same restriction.

Can you provide the .txt log for the flight that reached 400 meters?

How do I get that?

Here are some instructions.

Either attach the .txt to a post or submit it to the Flight Log Viewer and provide a link to the results.

Here it is, It clearly says I was in manual mode while i rose to 1400ft or 430 metres


It sure does. I thought a height restriction in M mode was normal. My question is how did you manage to bypass that restriction. I’ll try to do some testing tomorrow.

It may be a gps issue? i Just tried to go up in normal and sport mode and it still wouldnt let me go above that 50m hard barrier ever after i changed my max altitude, and it came up saying i couldnt go higher cause there was no gps signal?

Perhaps when ive crashed it the gps module was damaged and that could be the cause

In the .txt you provided there isn’t a GPS issue. Number of satellites is > 28. More significantly, gpsLevel is 5 (out of 5) which indicates the flight controller has full confidence in location accuracy.

yes but after that day i crashed it pretty bad and i dont think it can get a gps lock anymore, which may be why it wont let me go higher than 50m

Yep its definitely the gps, It wont get a gps signal and i just read something that said dji doesnt allow you to go higher than 50m with no gps, so my gps module must be broken.