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No live camera view from mavic air to android tablet

Hope some one can help?

I have No live feed to my android tablet from my mavic air,camera records no problem,No problem with my gimbal.

Put my drone away 3 months ago all was working great,only thing i did was accidentally delete my DJIgo4 app,so had to re-install it. I put the Latest firmware to drone then i had to downgrade to factory settings as their was no camera settings at all?.My RC has latest firmware and i have no issues with flying the mavic air.Also i re-set my camera settings to default.

I have had No crashes or hard landings.

Any help would be greatly appreciated .

Kind Regards

It sounds like you reinstalled DJI GO and also made changes to the firmware. Is that accurate? Or was all working well before you started making firmware changes?

Thanks for the reply.
When i put my mavic air away all was working as it should of been,a few weeks later i un-installed the app off my phone.
2 months later when i was going to fly my drone i had to re-download and install the latest app for my mavic,that is when the problems started i.e. no live camera view.

I then installed the latest firmware to my mavic and the RC using DJI Assistant from my computer, still no live view,and i believe their was no camera settings as well ( Not 100% sure about no settings).

I then downgraded my mavic air to factory settings but could not downgrade the RC to factory settings,at which point my camera settings came back?,but still no live view.

Apart from the live camera view the mavic air is working flawlessly it records and saves to my internal memory and an SD card.I will try caching the video to my android tablet to see if it saves my video and pictures,if it does i will know its transmitting video signal to my tablet.

Kind Regards

Before doing anything else, I’d recommend you update the firmware to the latest version. Then, try using a different mobile device – preferably a mobile device that DJI supports or one of the commonly used devices from this list. If the same thing happens on multiple devices, then that would at least rule out the mobile device as the cause of the issue.

My apologise for the late reply but my phone went Kaput and i have been trying to sort it out,which is good news in a way for me.

My New phone which is called DOOGEE N10 Android from Amazon.UK works with No issues,I have my live camera view back with the DJI GO after 4 App and all is well.“BUT”.Ha Ha.Maybe you can help with this minor problem.

When i connect my phone to the RC my screen faces backwards because my phone has the connector back to front,I can use the long lead with the adaptor(That is supplied with the air) through the left hand side of the RC arm and connects to the USB port of the controller but it interferes slightly with my hand position.The original Android phone connector that i am supposed to use is too short to twist backwards and fit in.

Thanks again for the help.
Kind Regards

Rotating the phone doesn’t make the screen rotate?. The screen rotates on all of my mobile devices when I rotate the device.

My screen rotates on my phone as well,but the only way i can connect it with the supplied android lead is physically back to front IE the RC control sticks are facing me as normal but the whole phone has to be turned 180 degrees to connect to the installed cable that is fitted into the RC arms IE my screen is facing to the floor so i am looking at the back off my phone.
Hope that clears up what my problem as i do not want to try and take my phone apart un-solder the charging port and turn it 180 degrees and re-solder it back in.

Kind Regards

You need a cable with a reverse Micro USB connector – like one of these:

Again i cant Thank you enough.

Not in a million years would I of thought you could buy or even looked for a reverse USB cable for my air.

Please keep doing what you do,makes life so much easier for people like me.

kind Regards

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