Ni Internet Connection

When I go to settings and connect to the Phantom WiFi. I get a check mark on the Phantom wifi, but below the Wifi title I see “no internet connection”
Then in the DJI GO app I have a compass error. I have tried unsuccessfully numerous times to re-calibrate but the calibration fails. I, to make sure there isn’t an magnetic issues I went out in a farmers field and I still get the “calibration failed”

I have updated my firmware to"P3C_FW_V01.05.0070"

That’s perfectly normal. The controller will not connect via WiFi to the “internet”, it only connects via WiFi to your display device. The display device only occasionally needs to connect to the internet for security and app updates. and is the only time you need the internet while the DJI GO app is running.
The compass calibration is meant for the drone to record the magnetic influence that it internally generates. The most ideal calibration is done at a location that is away from any ferrous material above and below ground. Do not calibrate while wearing a wrist watch! I stopped calibrating the first week I owned a Phantom. I Had to find a natural setting in the woods away from any past construction and once was enough. 5 years later, it still is calibrated.