NFZ and unlocking

I searched and the similar threads had no replies
Something has changed and I have to go through the process of unlocking in order to fly even though I’ve done it a hundred times in my backyard.
yes there’s an airport within 5 miles
Recently went to mexico and couldn’t fly where I have always been able to and yes the airport is 5 miles away
I must be doing something wrong since I already put in all my info and remote serial number and it says it’s already there but I can’t unlock the zone
Kind of a pain now

I was able to unlock the zone in mexico but only for 3 days at a time
It says up to a year available?
I couldn’t change the time frame

You know that the fly app can’t give permission of any kind. It just asks you to take responsibility for the flight.:+1:

Yes, I go to DJI Fly safe to get permission for unlocking.

Yes for starters it a Chinese companies and it can’t give permission to fly anywhere it gets you to except responsibility for the flight only. You would still need to get permission from whoever is in charge of the no-fly zone.normally if it is in an airport then it would be the air traffic controllers at that airport that can give permission to fly in their no fly zones.