New use case.... Need help

Hello all,

I have a new use case.

  1. Drone needs to travel in autonomous mode to a specific location.
  2. Land and disarm motors.
  3. Wait for 5 minutes
  4. Arm motors and return to starting location

I have DJI flightcontroller. Is it possible to do this with DJI?
If not which flightcontroller can be used?

Thanks in advance.

Not possible with any aircraft or flight app that I am aware of. You can fly automously and land, however you cannot re-start the motors unless you are in RC range. ( The motors will not start autonomously ) What distance are you talking about?

Thanks for reply.

I am thinking 500 metres to 1 km distance. Is it possible in this distance?

If not doing, can we do it with pixhawk?

This app/program might do that see:

No. I fly with Litchi. There is no programable motor start.

I heard that it is possible with pixhawk integrated with raspberrypi. But not able to get more details.

Any alternatives or more info will be helpful

OK, I don’t the limitations of that software.
Good luck!