New site for DJI drone news

I released DJI Drone News today. It’s a site where I’m going to post DJI related news stories, events, new releases, guides, etc. My goal is to post quality articles rather than post X number of articles daily (regardless of quality) to meet a daily story quota (like many new sites do).



Sounds great. How to I sign up for daily Drone Daily News.

What would we do without you?
Thanks M

A few tips on DJI assistant would be beneficial to me please. I tend to struggle with the different versions at times. Again, thanks for all your time!

You should see a subscription box pop up on the site after browsing to a few different pages on the site. Enter your email in that box to subscribe.

Anything in particular you’d like to learn about it?

What version works on which ac and current versions?

Pop up appeared! Signed up.

For anyone who missed the popup, I added a subscribe box on the right side of all of the article pages.


I added a “News” link in the menu at the top of this site for easy access to the News site.