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New DJI FPV Combo leaked


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These product label images appeared on the FCC site today:



And the drone information has been added here. Here’s the label:

I’m looking forward to this coming out … anyone any ideas as to cost ?

I haven’t seen any mention of pricing. That information usually doesn’t surface until within about a week of the day DJI announces a new drone.

$1,500 U.S. is the current rumored price. Should be pretty accurate, based upon the cost of the known components in the kit.

Hopefully it shan’t be too long before we find out :thinking:

Looks interesting … I wear glasses … not sure how I’ll get on with goggles. That’s the main reason why I’ve never flown using DJI goggles on my other UAV’s. No one I know near by has them so I can’t see for myself first hand how I would get on with them. I will have to educate myself and do some research.

It’ll be nice to get hands on though :+1: