New Battery Firmware Issue

Just recently I purchased a brand new OEM battery for my P3 Advanced.Popped it into the bird.Powered it and the App.up.Battery was at 60%.App. immediately said update BATTERY FIRMWARE??? Then was advised to fully charge the batt. and check again This time it said the aircraft and batt. needed a firmware update.When I got the bird I did DJI’S last firmware update for the P3 series.Now must I do it all over again?I never knew there was a separate firmware update for the battery?The other thing I noticed on this battery that there is a difference of 0.02v.between the 1st. cell and other 2.What must I do.Batteries dive me bananas!

Please tell us what FW you have currently installed on your P3A.

I’m a little concerned about your last few sentences. I’m not concerned about the .02 v difference so much - I’m more concerned that, from your post, you apparently have a P3 battery with only three cells. This is unusual.

Oops!Typo sorry.4 cells.But according the DJI battery video they say a difference of 0.01v between cells is o.k.But anything more you should be looking out for something else that is amiss.

Do you have a link to this video? I think it’s possible you misunderstood it. My understanding is, in general, you shouldn’t be concerned unless the difference between the lowest cell and the second-lowest cell is 70 mv or greater. Another measurement is the difference between the lowest cell and the highest cell which shouldn’t be more than 100 mv. But even then, a brief period or two or three during flight where these limits are broken is normal. I personally don’t see any cell problem with your battery from what you’ve described.

I wonder what FW version is installed on your AC?

FIRMWARE: V1.11 20 All in one 2016/7

Thanks. That video appears to be a video done by a fellow DJI pilot - I’m not sure if we can call it “the DJI battery video.” It appears to be a good informative 32 minute video, however. It would have been helpful if you had included the area in the 32 minute video that you claim had discussed that a deviation of more than .01 v indicates something is “amiss.” I believe I found the cell balance area of the video you’re referring to at the 11:40 mark. He discusses that you should be concerned with a .1 volt deviation. I mentioned this in my post above. I cannot find anything that says you should be alarmed with a .01v deviation or a .02v deviation. It appears you are mistaken as I pointed out in my previous post.

I have to say, I’m perplexed as to why you’d post the video and request me or another member to find this information re cell deviation for you and give an explanation when in fact it shows you were mistaken from the start as hinted in my post above and no explanation was needed. All you had to do was pay attention to the video or check the video a second time after being alerted in my post. You could have saved me or somebody else a lot of time by simply watching and listening more carefully to the video. There is nothing wrong with the info in the video that I can see. The problem is elsewhere.

RE the AC FW version, my understanding is there are P3 batteries out there in this world that like to shut themselves off mid-flight when they are launched cold. This problem was mostly “fixed” in a battery upgrade some years back. So a battery FW upgrade can help solve the problem, although it’s still never a good idea to launch a battery cold, and it’s still possible for a battery to shut off when cold. A current AC FW recognizes an older and outdated battery FW version and therefore alerts the pilot that a battery FW version update is needed to certain older FW version batteries and not needed to other later FW batteries. So that is a good reason to upgrade the battery FW. There may be other good reasons too. Re battery temp, in cold weather, I personally like to launch with a battery at least 20C but I actually much prefer 25C+. My understanding is a battery operates most efficiently with a battery temp in the range of around 30C - 35C.

Good luck.

Hey just a minute here.1stly you make the snide remark that you don’t think the video can be called a “DJI battery video” Then what do you want me to call it?“The DJI Battery”??? Seems like you enjoy taking the Micky out of people.Well you chose the wrong one here!
Then you accuse me of wasting your valuable time because I never re-ran the video and that you’d told me in your above post I was mistaken! If this is your way of helping people then rather leave us lesser “inexperienced” pilots out of your bucket list and try it on the experienced pilots who will tell you where to put your sarcastic arrogant manner up where the sun don’t shine!

@Woody, I don’t think a 0.02 deviation is anything to be concerned about.

Did you have a chance to check the battery voltage after using the battery and recharging it? It would be interesting to see if that deviation is consistent.

Yes I did recheck it after fully charging it and the deviance of 0.02v. was still there.

Before you go off the deep end here my friend, a power up log file or two shared here would suffice for a decent analysis of your “deviation” concerns. 10mv is nothing to be concerned about. Even up to 100mv at times is an acceptable deviation range under load. Rather than being argumentative, supply some data and we can all look for ( and with ) you. I don’t really care what the video was, I did not look nor did I deem it necessary for this.

@Woody, can you upload one of your TXT flight logs so we can see what the battery cells look like for an entire flight? You can upload the log here and post the link back here.

Hi Mike.This was not a flight.Just put the battery in.Too damn scared to fly this battery.Got the two strange notifications.Why I say strange is because the 1st.notification is “install battery firmware” and the 2nd.notification was “install aircraft firmware and battery firmware” I thought according to the DJI video there was only one firmware update which did everything.How do you upload a text file out of the log?

It’s important to make sure the firmware on your batteries matches the firmware on your aircraft. And it’s something you should always check when buying new batteries. Follow these instructions with your new battery.

After updating the firmware on your new battery, let me know if you see any notifications in DJI GO when powering everything up. If not, then it’s time to take a test flight.

You’ll need to fly your Phantom in order to generate a TXT flight log that’s long enough to examine. You can find instructions for uploading your flight log on this page.

Thanks Mike.When checking the firmware on the battery being up to date you mean by looking in the App? It’s strange that when I put all 5 second handbatteries in consecutively the App.accepted them all.No update was required.Now must I update all these second hand batteries one at a time with new firmware.Won’t the new firmware from the drone automatically update each battery as you put them in?

It will if you kept the last used BIN file in the root of the memory card. If you deleted that BIN file, then you need to follow these instructions.

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Thanks Mike.My new battery took the last firmware update for the P3’s just fine and now only a variance of 0.1v.When I try to e-mail you back The message reads “page unfound”?