Network Unavailable issue - help!?!?

Hey all,

Hoping someone here can be of help… I’ve read different help forums and have watched different videos and have been on DJI help chat — have spent 5+ hours trying to fix this and no luck yet.

I’m having the issue with my Phantom RC not allowing me to login. Wireless is connected. Username and password are correct, but I get the “Network Unavailable. Check network connection” error.

I’ve tried these fixes but it didn’t fix the problem:

  • connected RC to phone hotspot instead of home wireless
  • connect RC to my wife’s phone hotspot
  • connected RC to 2.4gHz wireless and not the 5gHz
  • tried a factory reset from Settings on RC (“Backup and Reset”)
  • plugged the drone into the PC in hopes the DJI Assistant 2 for Phantom software might magically fix it. My drone did need an update, but didn’t fix the RC issue

I’m at my wits end. Hoping someone has a different solution I could try…

Thanks for your time!

I am sorry. but I cannot offer a direct solution, but have you tried the Mavic Phantom Web Site, they are dedicated to the Phantom…