need Mavic Mini .DATs

I need some example Mavic Mini .DATs that are created by the DJI FLY App. They will be used in the reverse engineering effort required to include the MM in CsvView/DatCon. Here are the instructions to retrieve a tablet .DAT from the Go 4 App - apparently they can be used to retrieve .DATs from the Fly App as well.

Retrieving a V3.DAT from the tablet
If possible, the corresponding .txt would also help.

It would also help if someone could create a .DAT by 1) starting the Fly App and waiting until it’s finished it’s startup and then 2) powering up the MM and let it sit for 2 minutes without doing a motor start.

A more involved test .DAT is needed where
0) remove the props from the MM

  1. start the Fly App
  2. power up the MM
  3. start the motors
  4. grab the right front motor to slow it down for a second or so, then the left front, then the left back and finally the right back.

Hi BudWalker,

I just bought a Mini, will be deliverd in 2 weeks.
Happy to sent you DAT files for your program.


Thanks. I’ve pretty much reverse engineered all that I can with the MM .DATs that I have. But, some additional .DATs would be helpful for testing purposes.

oke, no probs. Any special flight situation ?