Need help with connection issue

I am trying to help a friend with his drone (Phantom 3 Standard) and I’ve been flying it a bit. We’ve noticed on the last say 10 flights that it is almost constantly losing wifi signal. I am hoping someone here can help me analyze the flight log. I’m very much a newbie and not sure what i’m reading, it says that the rc was lost. Please help and I thank you for your time. It was too big to upload here.

This flight was great for the first half of the battery, the remaining half I lost connection once. I flew maybe up to 100 ft and not very far from where I was standing, it should have been great as far as the connection goes. This flight was in the city, but I have also recently flown it in a rural area and had the same issue.

Thanks again.
edit- found flight record: DJI Flight Log Viewer -
Dropbox - fly85.csv - Simplify your life

Try checking your battery contacts for carbon or other corrosive materials. Consider replacing or substituting battery as a start to diagnostics…