Need Help DJI not helping me

DJI is giving me such a run around I don’t know what to do. Opened a case for dead drone (drone is only a week and a half old) it is dead had to contact several times to get them to respond and finally they had me mail to them to fix. They created UPS label and ups seems to have lost it. UPS will not let me start a trace and I did a messenger chat and they were unbelievable in the chat. All the way down to saying I need a police report. I don’t know if I can post the chat here it is truly crazy. I don’t know what to do to get them to find my drone. This is so unfair.

Welcome to the forum Tazz411. You are not the only one that has had trouble with DJI. You should hold UPS accountable since you do have the label with the tracking number on it. Good luck.

Unfair??? this is life brah… shit happens.
Gotta say in all the dealings we have had with DJI (more than 6 repairs) we have always been treated promptly, courteously and incredibly cheaply (total fresh rebuild Obsidian $185)

Likewise through Hurricane Iselle and the latest Kilauea Eruption here in Leilani UPS has braved the turmoil to deliver our packages. Recently a couple of packages for us have gone astray but with the WORLD in the throes of a pandemic is it any wonder the system is failing in places.

When you punch the tracking number in to view your package does it say “picked up” - then you have nothing to worry about, DJI initiated the return and label - let them argue with UPS they have way more clout with them than you do. If the tracking number cannot be found then you may be SOL 'cause there is no evidence, no proof that you actually sent it… (In reality anyone could just initiate a repair ticket - then just never send it in and claim it was lost… [obviously not saying this is what you did… just the logic of the procedure] hoping DJI would just say… “OK… no problem we will just send you a new one”

Chill brah… unfair…?

Just having the label tracking number will only help identify the “intended” item and destination in question, it is no proof in and of itself that the item was ever shipped, hence… if it is not scanned into the system at pick up… (unless the clerk at the UPS store remembers him and the specific package) there is little to do. Even if it missed the initial scan the next sorting/distribution hub would catch it as an undocumented item and flag it for attention.

But I wish him good luck

It shows it was dropped off and they scanned it, however DJI is refusing to call UPS. I told them UPS will not let me fill a claim because they created the label. They say I should file a police report, I said why there was no crime. Just contact UPS and start a search. They just stop responding then I keep asking for status and they stay saying the same stuff all over again.

You are covered… just escalate the complaint… and speak with a USA repair rep or senior manager/supervisor with your repair incident number and UPS tracking… not the general switchboard in China. Also go to the DJI forum/blog/message board and explain your complaint… they don’t like the negative publicity and you may be able to get one of the moderators to look into it… however it would appear that there main job on that site is to issue vague platitudes…

AND as the drone is only a week old I would also open a ticket with your credit card company… they also have a lot of clout with DJI… refuse the charge… (as a last resort)

Good luck brah…