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Need a different Usb c to usb c Cable

Need a different cable for the tx to phone connection. Does the cable need to be specifically for data or charging? Most of the adds describe the cable as charging related.

The lead you should go for is data transfer lead as it will charge as well. If you go for a charging cable … it’ll do just that and nothing else.

Be careful with after market leads, try and use official leads only if you can afford them. There is a lot of rubbish being sold out there so be very particular.

I just purchased my USB C leads from Apple so I know they are Data Transfer able and MFI (I think that is the correct term) certified for my iPad mini 4. :+1:

When I tried to connect my new phone to my new controller, I found the supplied 90 degree connector would not plug in far enough to make connection. Then I remembered the charging cable that came with my new phone and tried it; IT WORKS GREAT!

@stuka the Mavic Mini remote controller has a Micro USB port. So, you’ll need a cable like this one:

Or are you actually flying a Mini 2? If so, you'll want a cable like one of these instead:

M apologize for the late thanks. Since I’m using Mini 2 and my cellphone has a very thick case(otterbox), the right angle cables don’t allow a connect at the phone end. I’m going to go for inline connectors at both ends making it easier to pull cable from the Tx.

@msinger Out of the three links you provided, I believe the 1st and 3rd one would work with my Otterbox phone case but the 2nd one appears to be to much like the original DJI cable that had trouble with. Not the wire comes out of the side closer to the connector end than the 1st and 3rd cable does. That’s what interfered with me plugging into my phone. But all is good for now with my phones original cord. I’ll get a replacement that I can leave in the Flymore case least I get caught without in the field :frowning: