ND or ND/PL 32/64/128 filters wanted.

I am looking for darker ND or ND/PL filters for my Phantom 4 (standard). I have clicked on all the links here:

But all those filters are all out of stock, probably forever. Does anyone have a set they wish to sell? I would consider any excellent condition ND 32/64/128 filters, with or without PL. I do not need ND 4/8/16.
Thank you

Those were the commonly available filters back in the Phantom 4 heyday.

You could try a variable ND2-ND400 filter like this one:


Thanks. I did check this item out. Although the title indicates that it will fit a phantom 4, in the comments and further details below, it indicates that it’s not for the phantom 4 but for the pro and pro+. I’m going to try to contact the seller to get a clear understanding.

It’s not going to fit then – especially if people in the comments are saying it works well with their P4P.

Here’s the Phantom 4 version: