Navigation system error mini 3

Wondering if anyone can help. For the past couple weeks everytime i have gone to fly drone i got NAVIGATION SYSTEM ERROR . I have done a calibrate, updated software when needed and still same thing. I have done nothing different just all of sudden its happened, can someone please help me… very frustrated

It’s important to ensure the Mini 3 is not near any magnetic metal objects when powering it on or performing the IMU calibration.

Try calibrating the IMU again – ensuring that you follow the onscreen instructions and position the drone properly like this:

If that does not resolve your issue, then you should reach out to DJI support for help.

Yes i have never had any issues what so ever and used. Its doibg it every single time i turn it on now which is really pissing me off ive only had it 12 months lokks likeni have to take it in some where