Mystery Speed Error

I found one or two mentions of Speed Error but could not see any explanation of why this might occur.

On a recent flight I had a spurious obstacle warning which I put down to the sun on the front sensors. I was flying over a quarry at close on 200 feet in VLOS with no birds or other obstacles.
Later looking at the flight record I could see nothing unusual apart from one Obstacle Avoided. Revise Flight Rout message and 1 second later 2 Speed Error warnings.

I landed safely and have had several subsequent flights with no warnings.

Can anyone shed any light on this please?

Speed Error messages are generally related to a compass issue. If you can supply your .txt log we can take a look for you.

Thanks - that was a quick response! It’s ready and waiting on my desktop but unfortunately the system says New Users cannot upload attachments. I’m a bit stuck. Anything I do to become a Not New User?

Perhaps I can email it?

You can upload to this link:

Once uploaded, share the link back here.

Thanks. Here is the link

I really don’t see a lot here to be concerned about. I think the Speed Errors were in relation to the extreme pich up to stop angle. That is quite steep for the forward speed. You may want to check your braking settings to avoid that. That being said, you can see below where you released full throttle and the extreme pitch up angle occurred. Immediately thereafter were the speed errors. I woulddn’t be overly concerned about it, other than to adjust the braking.

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Many thanks for interpreting the flight log for me. It’s a comfort to know that there’s nothing much to worry about. I’ll certainly look at adjusting the braking.
Looking at the graphs the RC elevator seems to actually be the throttle. Is that right?
There is such a mass of data available from the verbose CSV that I looked at how on earth do you manage to learn what it all is, what is important, and how to interpret it? It looks as if it takes hours of study.
Thanks again for taking the time to look at this.

Correct. The dark blue line is Elevator, not throttle. Just a labeling error on my part. Throttle was at zero.