My P4P Pro v1 Went Into a Spiral and Crashed

I recently experienced a crash with my Phantom 4 Pro V1. The bird was set to perform a facade inspection using Drone Deploy. It took off normally, but after rising about 80 feet it started spiraling downward and crashed into the ground. Needless to say, its a total loss. It would be great to know what happened. I’ve provided a link to flight records pulled directly from the drone. The crash occurred around 5:41PM.
Thanks for any help you can provide.

Looking at FLY177 it appears the left back prop failed. At 23.205 secs the P4Pro started tumbling; rolling CCW, pitching up and yawing CCW.

In addition, the left back motor was commanded to 100%

the speed reached maximum

But, the current draw was minimal

@BudWalker Wow! It sounds like I might have lost the back left prop. I recently found some broken lugs on the prop mounts, so I replaced all four mounts with some non oem prop mounts. What a bummer. Thanks for reading the flight records and sharing the info. This is an expensive mistake.

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